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Be a Camper Today!

Misheel camp is one of a kind where you will experience the real Mongolian Ger living. Our camp is conveniently located in Khar Khorin soum of Uvurkhangai, surrounded by the breathtaking view.



Misheel tourist camp offers amazing services and packages.

  • Restaurant and bar serving Mongolian, Asian, and European food.
  • Basketball court Laundry washing service Mongolian souvenir shop
  • Outdoor billiards table Archery lessons Traditional Mongolian game lessons Fireworks party, on request Cow-and horse driven rides
  • Long song, throat singing, and morin khuur concert
  • Photos in national Mongolian costumes Traditional horhog and boodog
  • cookouts, on request. Living Facilities: 15 traditional Gers with 40 twin
  • beds Each ger has 2-4 twin beds Clean community bathroom with toilets, hot and cold showers, and a sauna

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